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Crowdfunding Review Guidelines

I'm interested in seeing all the cool projects that people are working on!

If your game is something I find compelling or I think my readers would like, I'll certainly mention it via social media, or do a full write-up if I receive a copy. I do have a few things I'd like you to consider before requesting a review or sending me a copy.

1. Scan my blog to check out the kind of games I cover, and to get a feel of what my voice is like to see if your game fits here. I focus on all kinds of strategy games and family-friendly party games that one would find in a hobby store. If your game is, for example, a game that's NSFW, like a Cards Against Humanity-style game, I'll probably not write about it. It's not in spirit with what I cover here.

2. If I'm not enjoying it, I'll probably not do a full write-up. Writing posts on OGA takes up a lot of my free time so I can't guarantee a post. I only do three to four articles a month, so I'm pretty selective with what I write about.

3. I'd be happy to receive a prototype, if you can handle the shipping logistics for me with pre-paid labels, especially if it needs to be shared with other reviewers.

When requesting a write up, please send me:
1. An elevator pitch of the game.
2. The launch date of the planned campaign.
3. Any "how to play" videos or a rulebook PDF, if not sending me a copy.