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I'm Erik. This is a blog about modern board, card, role-playing games and the culture around it.

The title On Golden Age refers to the time we are living in: a renaissance of social and face-to-face gaming.

My photo is by Rachel Hadiashar.
All other photography is by me unless otherwise noted.

This Is Where It Begins

This Is Where It Begins

UPDATED: 1.12.18

Hello! I’m so glad you stopped by.

On Golden Age is my personal image-driven blog about modern board, card, and role-playing games.

This isn’t necessarily a review site, though many posts will highlight particular games. I am interested in conversing about experiences; the culture of play and social interaction, the ins and outs of the business, and the architecture that brings it together.

The blog proper will have full-length articles, while the Instagram feed (populated on the right of this column, or below if you are on a mobile device) and Facebook page will have more informal content: what I'm playing, thinking, experiencing, and other "in-the-moment"-type stuff.

At the bottom of each page, there is an email subscription form. If you'd like to receive Communiqué, my quarterly newsletter containing exclusive content and news on upcoming posts, that is the place to drop your info. The newsletter is not currently active, but will be going once I get enough subscribers to justify creating additional content. Also, if you find my content to be of value, please consider leaving something in the tip jar. A little goes a long way to pay for website hosting, and I don't want On Golden Age to be cluttered with ads.

And what about the title? On Golden Age refers to the popular sentiment in gaming media that we are experiencing a “golden age” or renaissance, if you will, of tabletop gaming. There are reasons for this, naturally, which we will explore here.

I hope you find this site enjoyable, informative, and, most of all, fun!

Thank you for reading.


ps. All photography is by me, except as noted.

A Primer on Tabletop Gamespeak - Part 1: Genre

A Primer on Tabletop Gamespeak - Part 1: Genre